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Daiwa Reels: Top 10 Reasons to Buy Them

Daiwa Reels have a complete and one of the best lines of fishing reels in the market. The quality of their reels is really good and they are affordable. The company ensures that they continue to add new advanced technology and keep on improving their products in order to provide their users with the best possible fishing experience. Here are the top ten reasons to buy Daiwa reels.


Top Ten Reasons

  1. The best thing about Daiwa reels is that their fishing line is available in every budget and for every situation. The quality and price of the products are the best in the market. This is why they are considered as one of the best fishing reel company in the market.
  2. Daiwa fishing reels have a better casting, have infinite anti-reversal option, has better bearings and are lighter weight.
  3. They offer fishing reels that have unbreakable bail springs, anti-twist line guides, smoother drags, better corrosion protection, smoother gearing and faster gear ratios.
  4. Their spincast reel collection has different products which have various different qualities. Underspin reel has a perfect balance which is usually found in spinning reels and have easier casting like spincast reel. While the minicast reel is made up with a super light casting reel. It is small but still strong.
  5. Another great spincast reel is the Daiwa Silvercast. This real is available in a variety of sizes which suits all fishing situation. Whereas, Goldcast is considered as a finer fishing reel specifically for experts.
  6. The best products of Daiwa reels are their spinning reels collection. The sweepfire series are best for fishermen who are under budget. They have excellent quality and are affordable with some great features.
  7. The Daiwa Regal series in the spinning reels are best for the value as well. They provide 5+ ball bearings and amazing features with an affordable price. The chrome plated handle has a one-touch folding option, the gear system is digital and is specifically made for angler convenience, longer durability and high performance.
  8. Baitcasting reels of Daiwa have an amazing product line. Exceler series are considered as one of the best fishing reels. They offer a powerful and smooth performance. These are great for experienced fishermen.
  9. One more product of Daiwa reels are their classic round reels. Millionaire series has the classic shape and look with excellent quality and advanced feature as well as large capacity to handle different fishing situations.
  10. Pluton fishing reels in classic round reel collection are small but have great power to perform in various fishing conditions. They can easily take on hard fighting and oversized fishes. These are equivalent to those reels that handle heavier tackle of the fish.

Daiwa Reels: The Bottom line

Daiwa reels are one of the market giants of fishing reels. Their products are super smooth, have aluminum frame and are light weight but incredibly solid. They multi disc drag has been especially built to provide extra torque and pressure which often makes them one of the number one choices for fishermen.

Promoting Fishing

Daiwa is also famous for releasing their “Extreme” movie series.  Every year, Daiwa releases a video which shows how wonderful fishing is as a sport and adventure.  If you haven’t seen the 2014 edition, we post it here for you:

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