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Shimano Reels: Reasons Behind Their Popularity

Shimano is one of the leading companies manufacturing fishing reels. Shimano fishing reels are of high quality and are available in a variety of models, incorporating latest technology.

They have a fishing reel for catching any fish in any fishing condition. Not only this, in order to provided best possible service to their customers, they have different service centers and warehouses to provide their customers with expert advice and ensure availability of the reels their need.

The reason behind the popularity of Shimano reels among fishermen is their vast variety and quality. Let’s take a look at the Shimano fishing reels available for the fishermen.

 Shimano Conventional Fishing Reels

  • Conventional Shimano reels have a direct gear drive system in which the spool is spun backwards for gaining line and allow room to completely disengage the spool to drop or cast back lures and baits.
  • These reels are mostly utilized for heavy duty fishing.
  • There are further three types of conventional reels – Bait-casting, Star drag and Lever drag. These are also available with different features and gear-ratios.

 Shimano Lever Drag Fishing Reels

  • Lever drag reel have been especially designed for heavy duty jigging and trolling. They have a big dry washer and have an ability to produce a smooth power of stopping as compared to the rest.
  • These can be put on pre-set to a certain tension which makes them the most accurate and reliable fishing reel.
  • There are some models with 2 speed mechanism to gear.

 Shimano Star Drag Fishing Reels

  • Stare drag fishing reel are the original design for Shimano fishing reels.
  • These are specifically made for a large range of fishing conditions and are incredibly reliable.
  • These Shimano reels are available in various gear ratios and sizes.
  • Shimano TLD Star Saltwater is a good example of the conventional star drag reel that is preferred for its light weight and reliability.

 Shimano Bait Casting Reels

  • These reels are designed to provide ease.
  • Bait casting reels may be a little hard to cast but lasts longer to provide the fishermen further cast and will last longer.
  • They provide maximum versatility and comfort.
  • Shimano bait casting reels are available without and with level wind systems.

  Shimano Spinning Reels

  • These fishing reels are free from backlash and are much easier to handle.
  • These are best for beginners because of their simple system of use.
  • The Shimano spinning reels have incorporated latest technological advancement in design and materials.
  • These are available in two types – Inshore and offshore fishing reels.

 Shimano Offshore Fishing Reels

These are one of the latest creations of Shimano reels. Offshore fishing reels are comparatively larger then inshore reels. Their advanced spools, shafts, gears, frames and drag systems have made them an instant hit among fishermen. One of the best offshore reel ever made is Shimano Stella, one of the latest models from Shimano.  Although it’s an expensive reel, it’s currently one of the best reels on the market – if not the best. The video below shows Stella in real action!


Alternatively, you may want to check a much less expensive Shimano Baitrunner D which is approved for saltwater and has some pretty good reviews on Amazon. If you need a close look, we recommend watching this helpful video starring Baitrunner D reel.

 Shimano Inshore Fishing Reels

Shimano inshore reels offers ultimate durability and performance. There are several different inshore reel designs by Shimano reels that incorporate medium duty saltwater anglers to super light fresh water anglers. This is the reason why fishermen consider Shimano reels as the best fishing reels available in the market – their wide range, quality, durability and affordable price.

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