Spinning Reel - What to Consider when buying

Spinning Reel: Top Things to Consider While Buying

Different types of fishing reels are made for various conditions like weather, water type and type of fish to be hunted. However, the basic construction of all fishing reels is the same. The body of a fishing reel consists of drag adjustment, gears, handle, bail, spool and body. Furthermore, they also have a pole which is available in different diameters and lengths and made up from synthetic materials or wood. One of the most popular types of fishing reels are spinning reels.

Spinning Reel – Key Aspects to Pay Attention To:

There are various aspects to consider when buying a spinning reel.



  • The body of spinning reel can be made up from aluminum or graphite or both.
  • The best material is aluminum as it is stronger with less flex. Graphite on the other hand is light. However, some people prefer graphite while some aluminum. It depends on how comfortable you are in using the fishing reel.
  • For fresh water fishing, aluminum is preferred and for salt water, fishermen prefer graphite.



  • Size selection is easy as it depends on the fishing line’s size you want to use. The lighter your fishing line is the smaller spinning reel will be used.
  • The highest diameter and strength of a spinning reel should be ten pound test line.



  • A fishing reel’s handle is also known as crank. The purpose of a handle is to roll in the fishing line on to the spool.
  • The handles of spinning reels are usually transferable from one side to another. This makes it easier for right and left handed individuals.
  • There are two grips in spinning reels’ handle in majority of the models. However, you can hinge a single grip model.
  • Spinning reel handles are made up from metal with synthetic or wooden grip.
  • Handles may have one or two grips; some single-grip models may be hinged. Handles are constructed of metal with wooden or synthetic grips.



  • The purpose of a spool is to hold the fishing line.
  • Spools can be made up from stainless steel, polished graphite, cast aluminum or plastic.
  • There are different sizes if spools available with various line lengths options as per the test line and size of the spool.



  • A spinning reel bail is designed as per the reel type.
  • The purpose of bail in all types of fishing reels is preventing or allowing the line to spool out.



  • The purpose of drag is let the reel line to play out with minimum resistance as possible. This way the strength and action of the test line and rod doesn’t result in line breakage when fighting with the fish.
  • In the spinning reel, you need to keep the drag tight as it tires out the fish when it fights. However, make sure that the drag is not too tight as this will cause the line to break.


Bearings and Gears

  • The bearings and gears in fishing reel are the machined parts which are really crucial when you are trying to catch fish.
  • In some spinning reels, the gears are plastic and can easily break. It is best to avoid these.


Recommended Spinning Reels

If you are looking to buy a spinning reel, there are some quality reels from leading brands that should be considered. A good quality reel can last for years and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to do so.  The most popular choice among fishermen are the following spinning reels (sorted by popularity):


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